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Why Paragon Behavioral Health Connections?

One in four individuals need behavioral health

services In the United States. 

Difficulty accessing services, behavioral health workforce shortages, and inadequate insurance coverage for mental health care means families often delay care - and current care models do not match the intensity and duration that some people need, resulting in costly, recurring crisis services.

Since 2017, there has been a 158% increase in

mental health related emergency room visits for

children and adolescents in Colorado.

Paragon's mission is to positively impact individuals and families in Colorado by providing holistic community based services including in-home mental health and substance use treatment through innovative methods, technology platforms, and evidenced based interventions. Through this model, our clients avoid costly, ineffective emergency or inpatient visits that don't address the client and family's underlying needs.

Innovation - POWERED BY CARE.

In-Person and Virtual Care for Rural and Urban


Our integrated technology platform provides immediate support to individuals in need of urgent support. Our model ensures our remote clinicians and care managers are equipped with evidence based, high-quality support.

Equitable Access

to Quality

Mental Health and Substance Misuse Resources

We provide an array of community based and in-home mental health and substance use solutions to families and individuals.  Services may individual and family therapy, skill building, respite care, and wrap-around support to ensure families have access to housing, food, childcare and basic needs.

Whole-Person, One-Stop Care through Telehealth and In-Home Care Managers

Leveraging an in-person and virtual team of experts, we are able to provide access to a complete array of services, resulting in whole-person care. Our technology solutions allow us to close gaps to ensure equitable access to care despite location, socioeconomic status, or background.

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