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In Home Behavioral
Health Services

Paragon Behavioral Health Connections strives to provide and innovative mental health and substance abuse care through its comprehensive 'one-stop' approach. Through our expert in-home care managers and clinicians, we provide seamless and personalized care directly to the homes of the families we serve.

About US

Paragon Behavioral Health Connections delivers equitable and creative “one-stop” behavioral health care. By leveraging the expertise of telehealth clinicians, in-home care managers offer a full array of services to their community members.


Integrated technology can provide immediate support to individuals and families needing urgent interventions and ensures our remote care managers are equipped with evidence based, high-quality support to offer families. 

How are we innovating?

Problem: Behavioral health care hasn’t evolved from

routine 45–50-minute sessions delivered once or twice a week or inpatient and residential services. Often families need varied, consistent support to get through a crisis.


Solution: We provide an array of in-home mental health and substance use solutions to people. Services may include skill building, respite care, individual and family therapy and support to ensure families have access to housing, food, childcare and basic needs.

Through this model, our clients avoid costly, ineffective emergency room or inpatient visits that don’t address the client and families underlying needs.

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Family Support

Increase skills for healthy communication & improved regulatory skills of each individual family member.  We want to improve family functioning & healthy relationships.

Create Genuine Happiness

Our goal is to alleviate the symptoms and negative effects that can arise from emotional/mental health issues, substance use, and trauma, in order to improve overall well-being and quality of life."

Community Support

Improve access to essential needs like benefits, food, employment, housing, and childcare, while also enhancing social support for families through parenting, recovery, and peer assistance.

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